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Note also that an up bar can be either thick green on some platforms or thin red on some platforms , so color or line thickness does not reflect the direction of price movement inside the bar. You notice that the lines change color and when that happens, we determine a trend reversal has taken place. Consider an up bar, one that started drawing from a price low.

As long as price continues moving up, the bar grows longer and the high of the bar extends further. Minor price fluctuations will not affect the direction of the bar. However, once price retraces a predetermined amount dictated by the reversal amount, your charting platform will draw a short horizontal line at the bar high and commence drawing a down bar.

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As long as price continues to move down, the new bar will extend lower. If price however moves back up by the same predetermined amount, we establish a new low, draw a horizontal line at that low and begin drawing an up bar. Traders have to set up the reversal amount inside of their charting platforms.

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There are several ways to do this and it will depend on the software you use for charting Kagi. The reversal amount is important especially for day traders because if they set the reversal amount too high, they will miss out on many trades as they wait for a change in the trend direction.

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Time frame will also matter as the closing price of a 15 minute chart will show you more information than waiting for the daily chart closing price. You are welcome to use other atr values which will represent volatility during a larger or small time horizon and that may suit day traders. Note that you can have a series of reversal but the line style — thick or thin — will not necessarily change.

In order for the vertical lines to change color after a shoulder or waist appears, we would need a line break of the previous high or low. As stated earlier, a thick line indicates a dominant trend to the upside. As long as price does not move below the previous low on the Kagi chart, that dominant trend will remain in effect and the line will remain thick.

I have marked several of the main trend changes on this Kagi chart of crude oil futures.

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These consolidations show up clearly on a Kagi bar as a succession of short thick and thin lines. The traditional approach to trading Kagi charts says that you buy whenever the line changes from thin to thick, and you sell when it changes from thick to thin. Because the Kagi charts filter out a lot of the market noise, this can keep you in some very nice trends. You can also use Kagi charts as a directional filter for your current trading system.

Open a chart with your trading system and a separate Kagi chart for the same instrument. Only take long setups from your system while the Kagi line is thick, and only take short setups from your trading system while the Kagi chart is thin.

How to Read Trading Charts

Give it a try: pull up a chart of your favorite trading system and simply change the chart type to Kagi. This Kagi chart shows the standard trend lines, trend channels, and seeing a trend line break with a Kagi reversal sell signal. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days.

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