Sex Slaves and Discourse Masters: The Construction of Trafficking

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I could not have completed the book without the deep love and support of my parents, David and Carolynn Doezema, who believed in me when times were the hardest. Finally, I give my deepest thanks to my partner Peter Spencer, who saw me through the wilderness years. What is trafficking in women? After reading personal narratives of trafficking victims as reported in newspapers see Boxes 1, 2 and 3 below the answer to the question may seem obvious. I borrow my tone from the accounts themselves, which rely on idiomatic, emotive language to engage the reader.

If my tone sounds melodramatic, it is deliberately so. The above accounts, as is explored in Chapters 2 and 3, borrow their structure from melodramatic narrative.

They tell a familiar tale of the loss of female virtue, the essence of nineteenth-century penny-dreadful seduction stories Haag ; Walkowitz recast for a contemporary audience. A young girl falls into the hands of malevolent men or tainted women, consequently losing her sexual innocence. Like their nineteenth-century counterparts, these popular accounts combine salaciousness with moral righteousness — causing in the reader a discomfiting but also pleasurable mix of outrage and titillation.

Young women from Africa and Eastern Europe are lured to Italy with the promise of good jobs and a new life. They thought they were coming to Italy to make money working in a hair salon, a bar or as an au pair. But the people who made those promises and smuggled them into the country took away their passports and forced them to work the streets instead. Most have pimps who monitor their every move by cell phone.

All I have to do is pay back my debt. Prominent feminists, including Josephine Butler and Catherine MacKinnon, have played a central role in both past and present campaigns Walkowitz ; Doezema Trafficking in girls and women has easily become the modern parallel to the Atlantic slave trade. Thereafter things became so difficult that she had to leave the university and take up a job as a cashier in a supermarket in Benin City to help with the upkeep of the family. She promised to link Osaro with a friend who would facilitate her movement to Italy where she would work and earn big money.

She was however caught one day while on her way from the hospital where she had gone for treatment by the Italian Police, and she was repatriated back to the country along with some [other] Nigerian girls. Like Osaro, thousands of women and girls are being lured and coerced from the developing countries and also eastern Europe, to Italy, Spain, Paris, Zurich etc.

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Conservative estimates put the number of women and girls smuggled each year into the sex trade in Europe at over a million worldwide. The Daily Trust , Abuja, January Their plight has sparked tensions among Korean bar owners in Songjan, and Filipino-American servicemen, who are suspected of having helped in the escape of some sex slaves … Maxi works in an area reminiscent of Fields Avenue, once the red-light district of Angeles City, when American troops were still stationed in Clark Air Base.

Maxi and colleagues dance naked for customers and provide sexual favors. Manila Times , January Trafficking is not a discursively neutral terrain, unwritten and unblemished, upon which facts and responses can simply be attached. Even a recognition that disputes over the meaning of trafficking involve politics and ideology does not go far enough: it still leaves intact the idea that trafficking can be defined satisfactorily if political will, clear thinking and practicality prevail. However, as I argue in this book, she proves more elusive when, wrested from her narrative context, she becomes the subject of social scientific enquiry.

The phenomenon of trafficking, like the trafficking victim herself, somehow resists or deflects definition and quantification. How then are we to define trafficking in women? Definitions abound. Trafficking was mainly the preserve of feminist non-governmental organizations NGOs , which were focused on front-line care and on lobbying governments. As their lobbying efforts became more successful in eliciting public concern and funding , opportunities for research grew.

The concern with trafficking has led to a large amount of new research, much of it encouraged by governments worried about not only their international reputation, but also their restive native populations grousing about the floods of illegals washing on to national shores. Despite the increase in research, it is still difficult to quantify trafficking. Indeed, the lack of statistical evidence is mentioned in nearly all of the reports, papers and statements I have reviewed.

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Sex slaves and discourse masters : the construction of trafficking

Brand new Book. In this pioneering new book, Jo Doezema argues that the current concern with trafficking in women is a modern manifestation of the myth of white bining historical analysis with contemporary investigation, this book sheds light on the current preoccupations with trafficking in women.

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