Why Relationships Fail

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I know that you can look back at past relationships and see how you might have communicated better than you did. Use that knowledge to make things even better next time. You had faith that there was a better partner for you out there, and you kept looking.

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You compromise more than you should. As I said earlier: a lack of communication is a top reason why relationships fail.

But what does that lack of communication look like? Different things. It might be an unwillingness on one or both of your parts to admit fault in a situation or take constructive feedback. It might manifest as constant arguing where nothing is resolved. It might happen when you keep things from one another or are afraid to discuss small annoyances that then become larger issues.

You can communicate love through acts of service, touch, time together, et cetera.

Top Reasons Why Relationships Fail The Test

And pay attention to body language; he may express frustration by not kissing you as much as he normally does. Lack of trust is murky water because it could stem from past relationship trauma or something that has happened in your current relationship. Regardless of the cause, you need to determine whether the two of you are willing to work through it or whether it will continue to plague your relationship.

Did one person actually do something to warrant pulling trust away, or does it come from past experience? It may take talking to a therapist to mend your heart fully so that you can proceed in this relationship. If, however, the trust issues are because of something that has happened in this relationship, especially due to cheating, think twice before trying to move forward together. In a scientific study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers found that participants who had cheated in a past relationship were three times as likely to cheat again.

Can you really trust him? We all have an idea in our heads of what we want a relationship to look like. Maybe you want a man who makes you feel safe and loved, who rubs your feet and pays the bills. Maybe he wants a woman who will cook for him and have his slippers and pipe ready when he gets home from work.

14 Common Reasons Why Relationships Fail Often

The fact is…a relationship really never lives up to our expectations fully. Yet another reason why relationships fail. How to Fix: No relationship is perfect. He was bald and short, had a hairy back, and talked with his mouth full. Once she let go of her expectations, she realized that Harry was perfect for her. To get married. To have or not have kids. Or maybe you did have The Conversation and you both said you wanted different things…but you chose to ignore it.

Neither of you can convince the other to change what you want, and so now it seems the relationship is doomed.

Top 10 Reasons Why Relationships Fail and How You Can Avoid Them

Did you realize there are actually four kinds of compatibility? Looking back at your last relationship, did he check the boxes for each of these types of compatibility for you? Or maybe he only checked some of the boxes. Identifying a lack of compatibility early can help you see that a relationship may not be worth pursuing long-term.

Just as important as being compatible is having similar or aligned priorities. In the scenario above, how would things work with a man with wanderlust when all you want to do is settle down? You would constantly fight about how immature he is, how his priorities are screwed up, et cetera. If you want a relationship to work, you need to find a man who has priorities that align with your own. How to Fix: This happens in relationships from time to time, but in general, you should be moving through life at the same pace in terms of career, focus on relationship and family, etc.

Have these discussions early. Any couple who has been together more than a couple of years ends up in a rut. While at the start of your relationship, everything was new and exciting — and you wanted to spend every second together — things settled down and became routine. Rather than talking about hopes and dreams, you talk about how high the electricity bill has gotten.

Why Most Relationships Fail

The thing is: you have to change things, shake them up, to get out of that rut and make sure your relationship stays strong. How to Fix: Again, completely normal, however, it does take effort to keep a relationship fresh. Go on date nights. On the other side of the coin, if your partner is giving you a good reason not to trust them, it can make the relationship less secure. If you feel the need to watch their every move, something needs to change in the relationship so you can both feel confident again—even if that means moving on.

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Expectations are a normal part of any relationship. Some of these expectations are just a normal part of living. In relationships, things are no different. We expect our significant other to respect us, to help support us in our moment of need, and to be faithful in an exclusive relationship.

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That morning hello by text is forgotten due to a busy meeting, or our significant other asked a question, and we simply forgot to respond. What does matter is when we fail to talk about the things that really matter. This one reason why so many relationships fail over time. When one person always wants to eat at fancy expensive restaurants, and the other believes in careful control of their finances, going out to eat together can turn into an uncomfortable experience. If one person constantly does something that makes the other feel unwanted or unloved, such as canceling dates or failing to remember important dates, it can also lead to friction.

None of these things can be repaired without discussing it, however, which makes communication critical.

Traveling together - 10 reasons why relationships fail

Anger issues are a big cause of relationship fails. After all, no one wants to be around yelling and screaming person. Dealing with anger is one of the trickiest problems in a relationship, and if the problem continues to crop up, needs to be dealt with properly. Seeing a therapist may be embarrassing, but it can help pave the way for a better and stronger relationship. Even the busiest people want to find love and have a great relationship with someone special.

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