Halloween Guide for Parents,Teachers and Journalists

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Paul's in London for 10 years before accepting the St. Alban's post in He is a frequent visitor to the United States as a lecturer and teacher. A Fun Run-Walk steps off at 1 P. The course winds through the hills of Croton-on-Hudson, past the Croton Dam and Reservoir and back to the school.

More than runners took part last year. The third event is a performance by Steve Chapin and his troupe of musicians at P. Runners will receive a variety of T-shirts, ribbons and hats and there will be awards for the winners. All entry fees and donations are tax deductible.

Spectators and runners are asked to bring donations of canned soup, tuna, spaghetti, meats, vegetables and peanut butter to the registration desk.

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They will focuson the social and historical contexts in which art is created. The library is located at South Greeley Ave. Call for more information or to reserve a seat. Christmas decoration workshops at Boscobel draw many participants back year after year, whether to perfect a skill or to try something different.

Parents Guide

This year's first program, on dried wreaths, is scheduled from 10 A. Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

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Bandbox workshops will be held Nov. Making wreaths, garlands, mantel decorations and fruit pyramids will be taught Nov. Episode three focuses on how our institutions shape and create race. B The movie explores mass incarceration across the U. It centers around Michelle Alexander's theory in her groundbreaking book, 'The New Jim Crow:' through the rise of the drug war and tough on crime policies, because discretion within the system allows for targeting people of color at disproportionately high rates, mass incarceration is the new caste system in America.

The movie dissects the War on Drugs and 'tough on crime' movement, illustrates how the emerging Occupy movement offers hope for change, and explores possible reforms and solutions to ending mass incarceration and this new racial caste system. O98 A historical documentary about lynching in the American South.

by O'Neill Public Schools

Filmed on location at lynching sites in six states, this film seeks to educate and serve as a hub for action to remember and reflect upon a long-hidden past. Whose streets? F47 W When unarmed teenager Michael Brown is killed by police and left lying in the street for hours, it marks a breaking point for the residents of St. Louis, Missouri. Grief, long-standing racial tensions and renewed anger bring residents together to hold vigil and protest this latest tragedy.

Empowered parents, artists, and teachers from around the country come together as freedom fighters. As the national guard descends on Ferguson with military grade weaponry, these young community members become the torchbearers of a new resistance. For this generation, the battle is not for civil rights, but for the right to live. D86 T47 On Nov.

Halloween Guide for Parents,Teachers and Journalists

Dunn, 45, fired ten bullets at the car full of unarmed teenagers, killing year-old Davis. Dunn fled, but was arrested the next day, when he claimed self-defense. The documentary uncovers the truth behind the incident, recounting the night of the murder and revealing how implicit bias can result in tragedy". B53 Master documentarian Stanley Nelson goes straight to the source, weaving a treasure trove of rare archival footage with the voices of the people who were there: police, FBI informants, journalists, white supporters and detractors, and Black Panthers who remained loyal to the party and those who left it.

L68 What can people do to change a world full of violence and hate?

Longtime Local Journalist, Teacher Mary Ann Hogan Dead At 67 - SFGate

Is nonviolent revolution possible? Through interviews with Rev. Lawson and historic film footage, acclaimed labor and civil rights historian Michael Honey and award-winning filmmaker Errol Webber place a needed discourse on nonviolent social change at the forefront of today's struggles against violence and for human rights, peace, and economic justice. A73 Z You then have all the usual details about the secular holiday songs in the concert. It is also clear that rehearsals for the concert take place during regular school hours. The complaint about the Nativity scene was filed by the family of a student who is active in the school's music program.

However, at no point in the story is an alternative legal point of view offered, other than that provided by local officials. In other words, there is no debate over the merits of the complaint among legal voices with years of experience handling these kinds of Nativity wars cases.

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It's very easy, with a few clicks of a mouse, for journalists to find other points of view. I've written about these topics since, oh, the s, back when I was doing a graduate degree in church-state studies at Baylor University.


In my opinion, it's always good, when covering these topics, to find some experts whose views tend to fall somewhere in the middle of the usual suspects on the left and the right. Here's a clip from a column on this topic :. Now, in the case discussed, sort of, in the Elkhart Truth story, the crucial question appears to be whether the Bible readings in this program are considered "worship" or "educational. Classical or hymns? Again, it's a valid story and it's crucial to quote the people who filed the case.

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But there is no need to have the local school officials stand alone in this legal debate. Why not do some original reporting and cover this debate with authoritative voices offering other points of view? Stay tuned for more journalistic work on the Christmas Wars. I am cue: audible sigh sure there are more stories on the way. Terry Mattingly.

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