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Tu lo sai Voice. Che fiero costume From "Eteocle e Polinice" [Voice]. Nina Voice. Meco verrai su quella From "Rosalinda" [Voice]. O paese d' 'o sole Voice. Reginella campagnola Woodpecker [Voice]. Tu, ca nun chiagne! La bella aurora Voice. Senza nisciuno Voice. Signora fortuna Voice.

Richard Tucker: The Song and Cantorial Album Collection

Fenesta che lucive! Occhi turchini! L'alba sepra dalla luce l'ombra Voice. Mamma Voice. Sunrise, Sunset From "Fiddler on the Roof". What Now My Love. Somewhere From "West Side Story". More From "Mondo Cane". The Rover. When You're Young. By Thomas Z.

Guide to the Papers of Abraham Moshe Bernstein (), , RG 36

Kiddush Prayer of Sanctification. By Sholom Secunda. Tzadik Adoshem Selichot Prayer. Ki K'shimcho High Holiday Prayer. Yehi Rotzon Blessing of the Month. Yiru Eineinu Evening Prayer. Sim Sholom Prayer of Peace [Voice]. Vehu Rachum Evening Prayer [Voice]. Tzena Tzena Tzena. Shir Hacheirut Song of Liberation. Shir HaPalmach Song of Commandos. Katsir Baemek.

Sair Eres. Hatikvah The National Anthem of Israel. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen From "Shulamis". Shabes, Yomtov un Rosh Chodesh. A Pastuch'l From "Bar Kochba". Faryomert, Farklogt From "Doktor Alamasada". Oh der Brunen, Oh der! Flaker Feieril. L'cho Dodi Sabbath the Queen. Borchu Bless the Lord. Ahavas Olom With Everlasting Love.

Mi Chomocho Who is Like unto Thee? Kiddush L'Shabos Sanctification of the Wine. Shabbat Sholom Welcome Sabbath. Kol Nidre Service with Shofar. Kol Nidre All Vows Vaani, S'filosi Voice. B'rosh Hashono Voice. Hatikvah National Anthem of Israel. She Moved Through The Fair Let Me Go Soldier Bliss The Prayer Soukhous By Night The Call Mandy Fox, now known as Danu Fox, started her recording career with this innovative and trend setting album. Titles penned by Danu, the album blends flavours of Hindustani Raag, Irish folk, African and Pop rhythms all with the solid foundation of her jazz quartet Hara.

Danu attained a scholarship to the presigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London as a postgraduate jazz vocalist, having already scored up accolades as a classical pianist, teacher and music publisher. She toured nationally with Hara when this labum came out and then went on to record her further three labums as Danu on moving to the Celtic lands of Cornwall. Danu has an outstanding voice, full of emotion and spirit. She is not afraid to go where her spirit takes her, in life or in music. This is a timeless album.

Cello Sonata No. Allegro non troppo Allegretto quasi menuetto Allegro Allegro vivace Adagio affettuoso Allegro passionato Excusez du peu! Cinderella Money Boss Hoss Keep a Knockin' Head On Backwards Bad Betty Louie Louie He's Waiting Have Love Will Travel Leaving Here Hard Way Psycho The Witch Don't Need No Doctor Be A Woman Grace De Matteo - Get Away Sofa Grooves - The Chef Music Seven Heaven - I'm Here Next Project - Seeks And Finds The Contact Project - Anything Like Bradley Young - Across The Planet Blue Sky - Speak Easy Arnold Harris - Look Again Pianistic Lounge - Jovenade Peter Stone - In the Shuffle Red Sea Grooves - Freezone Mark Mars - Ship's Lounge The Arctic Soda - Erotic Summer Shawn Bowen - Around Nicolette Cross - Open The Window Stephen Aguilar - Africa Time Dave Palmer - Venezia Cody Serra - Stargate Adrienne Gowan - Sunrise James Wilson - Reggae Morning Atmospherical 45 - Always Late Can You Handle It [05'39"] Strong [04'59"] Salt Water [03'26"] Blue Love [04'11"] I Don't Need You [04'33"] Light Of The World [04'33"] I Specialise [03'43"] Welcome To The Love [04'47"] All Or Nothing [04'42"] La Serenissima [03'53"] Tim's music would fit right in.

Solo So Low means just that. No guests, not even any overdubs or edits. Two hands, a good instrument, a voice, and the tapping of a two-tone wing-tip shoe. And nothing plugged in but the microphones and recording gear. I still work most of the time as a solo act and decided it was high time to do a studio recording that way.

When I first heard Leadbelly and Big Bill, and when I first saw Lightnin' Hopkins on television, all as a kid, they played solo and it blew me away. I have never lost my fascination with solo performance, especially on guitar, from Robert Johnson to Richard Thompson.

A voice, a guitar, a story, and the means with which to tell it. If You Live More Peppers In Your Chili My Big Money Pistol Snapper The Witching Hour The Grizzly Bear Big River Midnight After Midnight Life feat. Joyce San Mateo Love Is Supposed to Be feat. Dee Dee Alexander Bounce feat. Bobby Lyle Daydreamin feat. Mandela feat. Wishes feat. Life Radio Edit [feat. Joyce San Mateo] Daydreamin' Radio Edit [feat. Originally interested in classical music, Browne discovered jazz while in college in the mid-'70s.

Although influenced by Freddie Hubbard and occasionally recording a hard bop number, most of Browne's output during that era was clearly geared toward the marketplace. A commercial pilot, Browne largely dropped out of music by the late '80s, but came back in with a recording for Hip Bop in several settings that included the credible jazz date Another Shade of Browne, which made one wonder "What took so long?

Little Smile The Ring She's Leaving Home Love st the Second Sight Equinox Calling Momo Last Scene The Fool On The Hill Serendipity Underneath the Jacaranda Tree 2. Live for Life 3. Hit Me with a Hot Note 4. Malaika 5. It Was a Very Good Year 7. Baltimore Oriole 8. Don't Cry out Loud 9.

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The Man That Got Away Meadowlands As an actor, June performed in theatres across Canada, and her stagecraft is still evident in her singing performances today. Watching June sing, you feel as if she is singing directly to you. Her warmth and sheer joy at being on stage envelopes you, pulls you close and encircles you with her warmth! Every song that she chooses to sing, connects to a base truth within - so there is never any artifice.

Imperial Russian emigrants to the United States

Her voice reflects each emotional shift that the writer intended. She has performed at jazz festivals throughout North America and with big bands in Toronto and Sarasota, Florida. Williams Quintet Mambanga - Congo Blue Metheny - Desperately Faithless Shanti Bros. Tiempo feat. Pablo Delgado - Padilla's Dream Sitar - Kamasutra [Dub] Gilberto Salinas - Vuelvo [Remix] Dave Neri - Golden Lotus Paul Glass - The Nightingale Yannis Theodorakis - Greek Buddha Dance Angel Gabriel - Saint Peter's Return Goldtripp - Moby Dick Is Back Indigo Bliss - Shogun [Remix] Dimitri From London - Panjabi Beats CJ Jeff - Sick 2.

Alexander Belousov - Chasing 4. Dexxx Gum - Kirtana 5. SYAP - Haters 6. Liva K - Mariah! Pete Sabo - Pressure Tom Evans - Kate Moss feat Lokii Betoko - Just Live Teenage Mutants remix Morttagua - The Maze Kinree - U Have It Ultragraphic - Foxy Betoko - Wacidus Muesli - 1Touch Under Rain - Alex Field Holiday Loneliness - Cardmoth A Good Day - Denis Neve Wake Up - Kasstedy Forgotten Dreams S. T Remix - Soty BASMF 8.

Leeds 2. Gardner 3. Reynolds 4. Morandi 5.

Sub Rosa - zahava seewald + psamim

Kingery 6. Gardner 2 7. Ravitz 8. Rodolfo 9. Ravitz 2 Leeds 2 Ravitz 3 Gardner 3 Dawson Reynolds 2 Morandi 2 "Max Ravitz has made a name for himself with his hazed dance not dance productions over these last couple of years appearing on a handful of different labels under a handful of different monikers. Here on the 15 track, "Common Purpose" cd we get Ravitz in all of his different forms as he teams up with numerous artists from his local Brooklyn scene and beyond, serving up unheard cuts from numerous recording sessions done over the last years.

Through the record we hear the producer's versatility from tripped out downtempo vibes, to mid-paced acid, to high bpm dust burners, as Ravitz and Co. Collaborators include Huerco S. Across Two Centuries Boo Doo Pablo's Story Like a Monkey in a Rocket Blue Rose Brite Piece Thinging Blindfold Test Caruso Scavengers Hunters "Our first recorded work in a very long time. We all went our seperate ways after the release of 'Industries' in , whilst we were still working on various bits and pieces. Fate transpired to reunite three of us in , and after a lot of thinking, we decided to finish off those lost tracks.

We headed into a studio in Leeds with an eye to finishing off the lost tracks and nothing more, but as our musical lives never run smoothly or easily, those tracks started becoming something else, which ended up becoming a two part mini album: 'Scavengers'. Suzanne [] Real Real feat. Toshi Reagon [] House of the Rising Sun feat. Turn Me on [] Feelin Good [] Sinead O'connor [] Liz Wright [] Be M Husband Feat. Valerie June [] See Line Woman Feat. Tracy Wannomae [] Either Way I Lose [] Cody Chesnutt [] As a result, the record stretches infinitely to the horizon - each of its six tracks flows seamlessly into the next, creating a continuous loop of minimal house just shy of 40 minutes long.

Without a way of distinguishing one track from the next, the record moves in sinusoidal waves at a constant BPM. Synth washes in and out, aided by miscellaneous additional percussion, all rather unpredictably. Listening too closely in anticipation of variant ideas can be rather mind-numbing, but at a distance, Never Easy Never Been Easier will keep you moving. It's dance floor ready, as is Carlson, who is expected to embark on a tour in support of the record before long.

Hear a cut below. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise A Gira Within You and I Open the Door Ainda Mais Amor Caminhos Cruzados The Meaning of Love Natural I Feel the Sun on Me Vento Bravo Que Maravilha Joia Natural is the latest collaboration between musical travellers and kindred spirits Nicola Conte and Stefania Dipierro, the culmination of a relationship rooted in a shared belief in the spiritually healing powers of music.

The Italian duo is set to take by storm with a sensual, sumptuous and highly accomplished record, firmly anchored in the traditions of Brazilian bossa nova, samba and jazz. Stefania and Nicola first came together as members of the seminal 90s musical collective Fez, with Nicola leading the group. This period, one full of inspiration and discovery, laid the seeds for Natural.

Though Stefania lent her enviable vocal talents to many bands over the years and Nicola went on to an illustrious production career, outside of a handful of tracks from Nicola's album Jet Sounds, it was not until now that the stars aligned again, allowing these two mercurial talents to merge their musical sensibilities once again to access the deep spirituality that is at the core of their approach to sound. Stefania's ongoing musical journey has ensured that her connection to, and understanding of jazz runs deep, as she resoundingly demonstrates throughout Natural.

With Nicola once again in the production seat, the album serves as the defining showcase for her inimitable vocal talents. Nicola first achieved international acclaim for his signature style of samba-influenced acid-jazz, which also drew inspiration from 60s and 70s Italian film soundtracks. Alongside his production work Nicola has laid out his musical vision through his guitar playing and songwriting, with numerous studio albums including 's Other Directions, released on Schema, a French Subsidiary of Blue Note Records.

His compilation series Viagem, all 5 volumes of which have been released on Far Out, provide an insight into the sounds of the past that have inspired his music of today, a peerless collection of lost bossa and samba jazz from the swinging Brazilian 60s. On this new collaborative release for Far Out, Conte's forward thinking production cleverly compliments and contrasts with the warmth of Dipierro's laid back inflection and gloriously rich timbres.

Natural is aptly named, considering the ease with which Stefania and Nicola have re-assumed the roles of muse to one another, a musical relationship providing the deepest access to the poetry within their sound. The album's title track and first single is a perfect introduction to their world, a masterful blend of global influences in which a propulsive Afro-rhythm bolstered by a searing funk guitar, whilst soothing Rhodes chords provide a distinctly Brazilian warmth and Stefania's vocals offer up an enriching melody to soothe the heart and engage the mind.

Alongside original compositions from Nicola and others, Natural also tantalisingly promises some inspired re-interpretations of classic Brazilian and jazz pieces: Trio Tenura's exemplary bossa groove A Gira and Steve Kuhn's beautiful The Meaning of Love are among the tracks respectfully imbued with an updated resonance. The scintillating blend of jazz and bossa alongside a contemporary sensibility makes for a debut collaboration. A timeless example of the special places Brazilian music can go with a beautiful voice and a smooth groove, marking out Dipierro as a natural talent of the highest order.

L'histoire d'un enfant Marguerite Minianina L'auto-stoppeur Tes petits pieds pointus So Far Away 2.

Guide to the Papers of Abraham Moshe Bernstein (1866-1932), 1878-1937, RG 36

This Town 3. Blue House 4. It Makes Me Wonder 6. Summer Girls 7. Together 8. Mystic River 9. Black Ribbon C'mon Small Miracles Beautiful Love's Devine 2. Heart Beat 3. Heaven 4. Honeymoon 5. Wake Up 6. Happiness 7. Float 8. Drift Away 9. Ascend About You Love Me Or Leave Me 2. I Can't Get Started 3.

Easy Living 4. Skylark 6.

Tracks with this artist

Also reissued as 2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West and occasionally listed under tenor saxophonist Bill Perkins' name, this classic session is the ultimate in cool jazz. Perkins' mellow tone matches quite well with the quiet but inwardly passionate playing of pianist John Lewis, guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Percy Heath, and drummer Chico Hamilton. Lewis is featured with the rhythm section on "I Can't Get Started," Hall is added for "Skylark," and the full group plays three standards plus Lewis' memorable and atmospheric "2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West.

Famed for his futurist orchestral piece The Iron Foundry, this 'constructivist' began to forge new directions through his use of motor rhythms, percussive attacks, and melodic angularity. Imprisoned for eight months in , he later sank into undeserved obscurity. In the four surviving Piano Sonatas, Mosolov shows himself to be one of the boldest and most complex Russian composers of his time.

You Held the World in Your Arms 2. A Modern Way of Letting Go 3. American English 4. I Never Wanted 5. Live in a Hiding Place 7. Out of Routine 8. Century After Century 9. Tell Me Ten Words Stay the Same Paul Cuddeford - Jenny Wren James Betteridge - Home Prelude James Betteridge - Home L Caminero - Donnelly Reel Paul Cuddeford - Snow Flurry L Caminero - Sweet Josephine Peter Friesen - Spring Mist L Caminero - King Arthur, Pt.

L Caminero - Tales of the Streets L Caminero - Fun and Frolics L Caminero - Obbly Hobbly L Caminero - Travelling Through L Caminero - Highwayman's Ransom Paul Cuddeford - Monday Morning Paul Cuddeford - Jacobite Rising L Caminero - Fair Maiden Paul Cuddeford - Warning Sky Cski - Bringin It All Back Home - Oh Fuck, Really? Not Just Knee Deep - Tenths - Moanin - Ricki Martin - Lick It Stick It - Confunction - Why Haven't You - Stink Pocket - Put It Up - Bad Intentions Break You Jet Black Headlights Courteney Cox Need Me, Pt.

Lifeless Crazy One Where Underdog Gets Away The Lure Of The Land Elegy ii Towards Tragedy And Dissolution Delicate Power Elegy iv Fatal Ambition Sixteen Zero Six Fifteen Little Emblems Of Eternity Hazeldine has developed a sound that mixes neoclassical flourishes and the almost imperceptible pulse of ambient music. On For Now We See Through A Glass Dimly the artist plays piano and electronics and then gradually incorporates string arrangements from James Banbury, creating a sound that is delicate and often joyous in its gradual development.

As They Are Call Me Into Your Heart Un-American Gothic El Zonte Listen, Elijah Steal You Away Ever So Slightly Great New Beginnings Making It Up To You Fortune Like Blue and Velvet feat- Elizabeth Geyer For Two Lovers feat- Elizabeth Geyer Clouds feat- Pravin Godkhindi Dawn Paul Adams is comfortable in many genres including new age, jazz, eclectic and world fusion. He is comfortable as a multi instrumentalist playing finger style guitar, flute, electric sitar and many instruments from around the world.

Dive In 2. Texas Is Forever 3. The Divine Zero 4. Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed 6. Circles 7. Today I Saw the Whole World 8. Gold Medal Ribbon 9. Bedless Sambuka Old Friends New Friends Sharks Pizza Party Her Elevator Song Shy Edelweiss Raphael Van Sandern - Diving Summersun Zenyatta - Too Good Simon Bareilles - The Sound of Silence Moodchill - Timeless - Chill Mix Sindo Trip - Soft Clouds over Paradise Hotplay - Feeling Alive Nylon Champs - Spanish Sorrow Sven Van Paapen - At the End Absynth Original Mix 2.

Disco Fiction Original Mix 3. Dirty Disco Bitch Original Mix 4. Don't Need You Original Mix 5. If the Queen Original Mix 6. Babylon Original Mix 7. Great Nights Original Mix 8. Kryptonized Original Mix 9. Don't Stop Original Mix Stargazer Original Mix Galactic Riders Original Mix Driving All Night Original Mix Auditive Cosmos is an ambitious new project from a prolific veteran Germanbased producer who wishes to remain as anonymous as a yet undiscovered solar system.

This is an interstellar mission to explore the far reaches of dance music. The sounds throughout the Disco Fiction album are heavily influenced by the Italo and disco scenes of the past few decades but with a modernistic take supplied by the seasoned producer at the helm. Auditive Cosmos supplies bass drums electronics and keys throughout while a talented group of guest vocalists and musicians elegantly fill in the spaces.

Highlights include but are not limited to the authentic sounding disco blast of Stargazer Driving At Night and its slomo cyborg serenade the old school electro vocoder nugget that is Galactic Riders and the synthtastic wind up of Discofiction. With twelve cool tracks in total theres plenty to get lost in here and much to get down to. Blast off! Disco House Face In The Crowd Disco Derby Take Me Dancin' Frisco Discotheque Come On And Dance Life Line Last Night On Earth Dance The Night Away Disco Queen A Los Angeles studio group that keyboardist Michael Omartian and producer Steve Barri assembled in the mid-'70s, Rhythm Heritage had a pair of television theme hits before fading into obscurity.

Oren and Luther Waters served as group vocalists, but they couldn't keep things going with subsequent follow-ups. Nan's Poem 2. Bones 3. Before The Storm 4. April Rain 5. Roll 7. The Cleansing 8. The Ride 9. Spaceship Blues Mojo Rubber Side Down Bondo's Ballad N2u If nothing else, you have to give props to the The Magic Lightnin' Boys for one thing; they have been able to make a nod to the past sound fresh and modern.

Their combination of hard rock and blues should sound similar to other bands who have tried and failed to make this sound appealing to a generation who has heard it all, but it doesn't. Not only does it retain a keen sense of identity at all times, it also serves as the perfect springboard for the new foursome out of Ohio.

The songwriting matches that of a veteran band that have been playing together for years, and coupled with vocalist Casey Gomez's passionate wails, it won't be hard for them to land a strong fanbase. Ain't Nobody Got a Hold on Me 2. Mercy Me 3. Pocket Change 4. Run of Good Luck 5. Wrong Side of the River 6. Oklahoma 7. Horses 8. Mississippi Moon 9. When I Go Cowboy Cliche release.

Now, after taking matters into his own hands, Baird is ready to share his journey on Wrong Side of the River, a musical autobiography. While he's always had an affection for classic country, he found himself - and his music - compartmentalized in places that were leaving him emotionally empty, resulting in the urge to flee the one-size-fits-all mantra and re-discover songwriting on his own terms.

With influences as deep-welled as the Stax-era, soul-seeping from the Memphis streets of his youth and melodies reminiscent of skipping study hall to see world-weathered bluesmen perform - Baird knew the direction he wanted to go.

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After weeks on the road, he found it both lyrically and sonically at the core of Wrong Side of the River. Night People - Too Cool for Schooly - Go Donny Go - Inside Out - You Are the One - Superstition - Won Doe - You Can Bring the Freak? Love You Raw - Water Under the Bridge - Young Gun Guru - The subtitle of this album tries to downplay the talent of this rising re-edit producer, but the truth is that these cuts are anything but ill-advised.

Chopshop label boss DJ Butcher wouldn't put out a record if it wasn't any good and besides, he's not known for his bad advice. There are 12 disco gems here to explore, highlights include the sparse, teched-out soul-grooves of Alain Toussant's rare gem "Night People, the deep and woozy Balearic funk of "Go Donny Go" and a delicious electro-funk-pop version of "Inside Out", as made famous by Odyssey.

Being In Love Subject Of My Thoughts I'm A Fool That Girl Was Mine I Lost A Dream We'll Meet Again Coming Home Sorry She's Mine Make Me Belong To You A Girl Like You Sing Before Breakfast And Her Name Is Amy Anyway You Want Me I See Your Face Again Goodbye Don't Cry Innocent Girl My Empty World Pretty Clothes Capital Punishment My Friend Abdullah North Canadian Paradise Advice Deep Down Down Back To The City Eleanor Rigby In My Opinion True Love That's A Wonder If Just A Friend Sorry Just Two Little Creatures What Kind Of Freedom Summertrain A Place Near The Sea Blackboard Jungle Lady Don't Get Me Wrong The Eyes Of Jenny It's My Time Now Hollywood Yosemite Park Rainy Days Giles Ophelia Blackboard Jungle Lady '88 Walk to the One You Love 2.

Wanted You 3. My Boys 4. Butterfly 5. You Don't 6. Cold Lips 7. Heavenly Showers 8. Keep It Together 9. Getting Better Holding Roses Lolisa Stain Have You Ever Having careened across America and beyond, sharing their staggering energy, the band made their third album the best way they know how: by themselves. The same group that produced the scuzzy squalor of their debut Sunken, had legions of fans screaming along to their anthemic second album, Wild Onion, now swings and serenades with Down In Heaven.

Born of Chicago's league-leading DIY scene and with several of them remaining friends since elementary school, Cadien Lake James, Clay Frankel, Connor Brodner, Jack Dolan, and most recent addition Colin Croom share an enthusiasm, authenticity and passion their audiences have found contagious.

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