Ahmams Islands: Translated from Taiwanese

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Log in. By default all language pairs leverage neural machine translation. This new technology uses deep learning to improve translation speed and accuracy. We protect your privacy so you can own your data. With Watson Language Translator, opt-out of any data collection. When travelling abroad you may find out that your domestic driving license fails to meet standards and is considered invalid.

This would be an unpleasant surprise for you but you can avoid it by using to our services.

Country Abbreviations

You may compare different driving licenses against each other for visual clarity:. With the DLT you will overcome any language barriers and will be able to easily drive worldwide. You will also have a translation book and can show it if needed. You need to fill out a simple application form and apply online if you want to get the International Driving Permit IDP. We need only to obtain some personal information: your domestic driving license ID, your personal info, your address and a photo of you. We have a nice price, so traveling in comfort without problems with renting or taking a car will not cost you a fortune.

Apply for an International Driver License for China Apply for driving license translation from English to Chinese now, and forget about the problems with renting and driving a car in an Chinese-speaking country. List of countries.

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English speaking countries. International Driving License is recognized. International Driving License recommended. Driving tips for Hong Kong: Hong Kong drives on the left. The right side of the road is for overtaking. You are prohibited to use your phone while behind the wheel.

Road signs are duplicated in two languages: English and Chinese.

The minimum driving age in Hong Kong is 18 years motorcycle, private car, light goods vehicle and 21 for those who drive commercial cars. First and foremost, buckle up!

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The maximum allowed alcohol level is 50 mg per ml of blood. If you enter from the secondary road, you are obliged to give way to the vehicles driving on the main road. Chinese speaking countries. International Driving License has no legal status.

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  7. National licence or International Driving License should be presented to the police who will issue a visitors licence. Driving tips for China: To drive freely in China, you need to get a local driver's license. Keep in mind that your national and international driving licenses are invalid in China.

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    If you are going to stay in the country for less than 3 months, you must obtain a temporary license. Before you are allowed to drive, you will need to attend classes on the local traffic rules. Claims about property within the jurisdiction 11 The subject matter of the claim relates wholly or principally to property within the jurisdiction, provided that nothing under this paragraph shall render justiciable the title to or the right to possession of immovable property outside England and Wales.

    Claims about trusts etc. Claim for costs order in favour of or against third parties 18 A claim is made by a party to proceedings for an order that the court exercise its power under section 51 of the Senior Courts Act to make a costs order in favour of or against a person who is not a party to those proceedings. Admiralty claims 19 A claim is — a in the nature of salvage and any part of the services took place within the jurisdiction; or b to enforce a claim under section , , or A of the Merchant Shipping Act Claims under various enactments 20 A claim is made — a under an enactment which allows proceedings to be brought and those proceedings are not covered by any of the other grounds referred to in this paragraph; or b under the Directive of the Council of the European Communities dated 15 March No.

    Claims for breach of confidence or misuse of private information 21 A claim is made for breach of confidence or misuse of private information where — a detriment was suffered, or will be suffered, within the jurisdiction; or b detriment which has been, or will be, suffered results from an act committed, or likely to be committed, within the jurisdiction. Back to top Documents to be filed under rule 6. Back to top Service in a Commonwealth State or British overseas territory 5. Back to top Period for responding to a claim form 6.

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    Back to top Period for responding to an application notice 7. Further information 7.

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