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When I was doing my work experience in a bakery, I was told that making bread, as in shaping the bread once its been mixed by a machine as NO bakery makes it from scratch , removed nicotine stains. After a shift smokers fingers would be as clean as non-smokers!!!! So, has that put you off bread?

9 Ways Smoking Damages Your Skin

Have they been handling the bread dough? And I must admit, if I drive past a restaurant or pub and I see the kitchen staff outside puffing away, I rarely give them my custom.

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So, if you're customers want to get rid, tell them to make up a batch of bread. The packet stuff is fine, as long as they are kneading it and shaping it. I know the answer to the easiest way to get rid of nicotine stained fingers - chop em off! A good ole pumice sponge you can buy for under 2 bucks will do wonderfully!


I wet the pumice sponge and rub some soap on it and then work it over any stain you need getting rid of, good for feet too! Keanu New Member Oct 20, I've seen so many websites asking this!


I havn't seen one that gives my method House dust and surfaces are important sources of exposure for pesticides and other toxic substances in young children. Mahabee-Gittens and her colleagues point to the age-associated behaviors of young children, how they interact with different items in their environments, and the tendency for kids to put their hands in their mouths.

Previous studies have shown persistent residue from secondhand smoke accumulates in dust, on home surfaces, on the clothes worn by smokers and on different household objects like toys, etc. Researchers would like to include in their follow-up research an examination of how much secondhand smoke and thirdhand smoke each contribute to overall tobacco exposure in children, and more specifics on how these exposures affect child health.

They also want to look at preventive measures for better protecting children from overall tobacco exposure. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Kids touch everything House dust and surfaces are important sources of exposure for pesticides and other toxic substances in young children. Tobacco Control , ; tobaccocontrol DOI: ScienceDaily, 6 April Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Peekhole etal door Nicotine fingers from cigarettes Livin' life wit 38 2. Burn d to your nicotine time's a wastin' I'm allergic to your toxins when i breath you in I can't quit'cos You're just like Cigarettes You made me Poison for some nicotine Stepped outside and saw the sun and felt the rays against my cheek Life is sweet but the end is near so wasting time is sui Share my bed and all my bread fingers running through her curls But n 40 2.

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Home made Cigarette holder - How to avoid nicotine fingers

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